Transitional Care Services in Northern Florida & Northern Michigan

Not all home care needs are long-term. Perhaps your loved one has just returned home from a surgery or is facing a new mobility challenge. The proper assistance during this period can mean their ability to remain living in the home they love for good. On the other hand, lack of assistance during this transition could result in: an extended rehabilitation period, a return to the hospital, or worst, a new injury. Let Independence Home Health Care help your loved one get from the “A” to the “B” of their recovery with our Transitional Care Services.

Transitional Care Services may include: 

  • Mobility Assistance, Including Help to the Bed & Bathroom
  • Medication Reminders
  • Transportation to Appointments
  • Visiting Nurses
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Bathing, Dressing & Oral Care
  • In-Home Meal Preparation
  • Outings & Walks
  • Daily Status Updates via Tablet
  • Video Chats with Family via Tablet
  • Supervision
  • And pretty much anything else your loved one needs to get going again!

Help They’ll Accept

Seniors who find themselves suddenly needing care are often resistant to the help they need. Think of the proud father who just had a hip replacement. He may now need his daughter’s strength to walk or bathe, but he might prefer help to come from literally anyone else. At Independence Home Health Care, we often find ourselves explaining to families that part of effective care is getting the patient to accept it. That is sometimes very hard for a family member to do. Balancing the physical and emotional toll of recovery is sometimes best left to professional caregivers.

Our staffs in Northern Michigan and Northern Florida are remarkably patient people. We hire them because they are passionate about serving elders with respect. Let us provide Transitional Care Services for your senior. There is no need for YOU to transition into a caregiving role before you have to. Enjoy being a daughter, son, or spouse a bit longer while our trained staff help your loved one over this speedbump.

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