Senior Custodial Care in Michigan & Florida

Watching a family-member or loved one struggle through a care situation can be one of the more taxing times in our lives. Whether it’s after rehabilitation, a life-threatening event, or during prolonged bed rest – there are instances where custodial care services are appropriate.

In-Home & Facility-Based Care for Elders

At Independence Home Care, we’re trained in solving the issues that arise during a family care situation. As our clients enter their mature years, it’s typical for both mental and physical ailments to occur. That’s why we’re determined to provide senior custodial care that’s compassionate and comprehensive.

Depending on the type of medical condition, the advice of your healthcare professional, and the family wishes – here are common types of assistance we can provide:

In-Home – From changing bandages, help reading due to worsening eyesight, or completing daily activities – custodial care in the comfort of a home can be vital. Our professionals take the time to learn about your daily routine before working hand-in-hand to tailor our elder custodial services to you.

Facility-Based – Just because an individual is in a nursing home, convalescent home, or other care facility doesn’t mean that they may not have additional needs. Many of our clients are in that situation and require help with bathing, eating, and getting around.

Cognitive – While Alzheimer’s and senile dementia are well-known, many families have not considered that minor regressions in cognitive ability can impact an elder who’s living alone. For example, declining vision can make reading directions and cooking recipes impossible. The team at Independence pinpoints how are clients’ daily routines are compromised by ailments before administering a course of action.

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Because every situation is different, we take time to sit-down together and examine your family’s needs. To learn more about our custodial care services for seniors in Michigan and Florida, contact us today!