Custodial Care for Youths & Young Adults

The special needs of young adults can place unique stresses on individuals in the caregiver role. Compared to the elderly, youth may require care in varied settings. For example – the home, school, or workplace creates unforeseen scenarios for families. With those different settings in-mind, someone who’s not qualified to administer custodial care can be thrust into the role unexpectedly. For example – if a school system parts ways with the only staff-member trained in specialized care.

At Independence Home Care – we’ve seen these concerns play-out in real life. Through our commitment to helping our clients outcome those perils, we employee caregiving professionals experienced in assisting youths with cognitive and physical impairments.

Levels of Care for Special Needs Individuals

Following a prognosis, think about whether the care recipient can complete these types of tasks:

Activities of Daily Living – These are essential to caring for oneself independently. They include – eating, bathing, clothing, transferring, and toileting. For younger clients who’re unable to fulfill these activities, our team recommends a higher level of specialized care. Individuals who can’t complete these tasks usually require 24-hour nursing to address severe medical conditions.

Household Responsibilities – Even individuals who’re able to bath, dress, or drive to the grocery store may still struggle with household responsibilities. For example – being able to make routine repairs or shovel snow from a drive-way may not be possible. Clients that typically need help with household responsibilities are able to fulfill the aforementioned activities of daily living.

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