Respite Care Services in Michigan & Florida

Any parent can attest to the challenges of raising a child. Add the unique obstacles that caring for someone with medical issues creates, and it’s understandable that caregivers need relief.

At Independence Home Care, we offer local respite care services that allow piece-of-mind and proven, supportive resources. Many of our clients throughout the years have been pleasantly surprised that respite care was even available in their area!

Specialized Care for Youths & Young Adults

Studies show that there are several benefits to utilizing respite care services:

Preserving Relationships – Because family members are oftentimes called-on to provide care, this need has the potential to cause uneasy feelings. There can also be arguments over the quality of care and who’s administering it. Over the years, we’ve seen those types of discussions fracture familial relationships.

Maintaining Career Paths – Many parents or caretakers have careers to maintain. When resources are diverted to addressing a special needs individual, this can divert a family from their income potential. Local respite care is one solution that allows you to stay on-track financially.

Here are two popular durations, and examples, of care that our clients use:

Brief, Scheduled Care – This option is meant for parents who’re not on an annual schedule and need occasional breaks to reassess the current care strategy for their loved one.

Longer, Sporadic Care – Typically utilized for caretakers that may have seasonal jobs and know in-advance when they will require an extended reprieve.

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