Adult Day Care Services

While many of us have struggled with caring for a loved one during their mature years, the day-to-day needs of youths and young adults can also create strain. That’s why Independence Home Care employs adult day care professionals who’re trained in custodial, short-term, and respite care for younger clients. This allows us to provide compassionate care for our clients, while also guiding families through this sensitive period.

Caring for Adults with Mental or Physical Disabilities

Whether you have a family member who’s seeking companionship, in need of support at home, or temporary relief for the primary caregiver – we can address your situation.

Here are a couple of the adult care services that we provide:

Custodial Nursing – For youths and young adults with disabilities, completing the activities of daily living can become impossible. Whether it’s eating, bathing, clothing, or simply running errands – our team can help. Many of our current clients who receive custodial nursing are victims of debilitating accidents or were born with cognitive impairments. We can provide these services in-home, as well as at a facility. (Learn More)

Respite Care – Due to families living far apart, finding temporary help that relieves the caregiver is a need. This form of care is known as ‘respite care.’ This allows families a chance to reassess the long-term needs of our clients, especially if the prognosis has changed. (Learn More)

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