How Home Care Works

The need for in-home care services may be new to your family. You might be unsure what kind of care your loved one needs…but you know that your family needs help, and soon. We’ve been running Independence Home Care for over fifteen years and have worked as caregivers for over thirty. Most likely we’ve seen what your family is experiencing and have helped others through it. Learn the basics steps of “How Home Care Works,” and then give us a call today!

#1  Call Us

Call us or contact us via our web form. We’ll schedule a phone chat to learn about your family and the challenges you are facing. We are good listeners. Our mission is to help seniors live at home as long as they can. At the end of our conversation, we’ll suggest some ways we can help.

#2  We Come to You

We will set up a home visit. One of our experienced staff will come to your home to assess the logistics of care. We will meet your loved one(s) and start thinking about potential caregivers who would be great matches to their needs and personality. We recognize that in-home care is incredibly personal. Our goal is for your seniors to look forward to the arrival of their caregiver(s) every time.

# 3  Together, We Answer These Questions:

What Kind of Care? How Often? How Long? 

Your senior(s) may only need occasional companionship and light housekeeping to remain at home with dignity. Or perhaps they are about to have surgery and will need mobility assistance during recovery. Difficulty bathing or dressing may be limiting their quality of life. If they are living with dementia or a chronic condition, compassionate full-time supervision may be necessary for your family to have peace of mind.

We have broken our types of care into categories. Your seniors’ needs may fall into several categories…and that’s okay!

Once we understand what kind of care your loved one needs, and how often and how long they’ll need it, we can propose a plan. We can provide service for as little as four hours, or as much as 24/7. As your seniors’ needs change, we will adapt our plan of care.

#4  We Match You With Caregivers

We will carefully match your loved one with caregivers who can meet their particular set of needs. Our staffs in both Northern Michigan and Northern Florida consist of: Nurses, Certified Nurse Assistants (CNA’s), Certified Home Aids, Home Aids and Companions. Your loved one might need a CNA temporarily to change a dressing and a Companion to drive to appointments. “One size does not fit all” when it comes to something as personal as in-home care. We hand-select our caregivers not only for their training, but for the compassionate manner in which they provide care.

#5  We Work With Your Budget

Managing the expenses of an aging loved one can be difficult. We have gone through it ourselves. We work with our clients’ families to tailor services and schedules to meet needs and fit budgets. Sometimes insurance will help offset the cost of home care services. We can help you navigate that.

Ultimately, it costs less for your senior to receive care and stay well than to recover from an injury that could have been prevented. Let’s work together to get them the care they need!

#6  We Keep You Connected

A little “FaceTime” goes a long way.

Our staff use tablets at each client’s home to keep families connected. Daily reports and/or video-chats allow you to be fully aware of what’s going on with your loved-one’s care, even when you’re far away. We understand that you never really stop worrying until you see your loved-one’s smiling face with your own eyes. Yet many of us live out of state or have to travel. A few minutes video-chatting with your family can make all that distance, and worry, disappear.

We consider it our job to care about your whole family. Helping everyone communicate is where we start.

We look forward to learning about your family. Call us today or fill out our contact form so you can get the help you need!